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Tron Legacy

A return to the virtual world of Tron, in which it is discovered that Jeff Bridges’ zen arcade master Flynn has evolved into a kind of digi-Jesus, that Daft Punk have made the best soundtrack of the year, and that Hollywood’s graphics are, like, 8/10.

The story has Flynn sucked permanently into his computer world shortly after the events of the original movie (as seen in creepy plastic-faced flashback) leaving his son to grow up fatherless, rebellious and acrobatic. Coincidentally, all the qualities he’ll need to follow Flynn into electro-ville to overthrow the despotic program holding him prisoner, hook up with a lethally-fringed pixel lady and throw a war disc at faceless computer men in time to Daft Punk’s superb score.

The visuals – arguably the most daunting aspect of updating this particular classic – are razor-sharp, and only a last-minute lull (“We’re here! We’ve done… something!”) stops this being an unexpected belter.

This text originally appeared in Official Xbox Magazine

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