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The Town

One-time Hollywood wunderkind Affleck continues to rebuild his post-Lopez career with this tight Boston-set crime drama. He both directs and stars as Doug, a big-hearted bank robber from the tough neighbourhood of Charlestown who leads a lean heist crew with half-cocked pal, Jem. During their latest job they snatch the bank manager as collateral, freeing her unharmed but not before Affleck falls complicatedly in love.

Which is a pretty generic when written, a symptom of the fact The Town does strays into some tired dramatic places (daddy issues, breaking free of the past, having a crackers best mate). But there’s an intensity to the film that stops these familiar touches from turning things stale. The taut action sequences are filmed with a booming directness that recalls Michael Mann’s masterpiece Heat, and Affleck’s central performance is strong and controlled, bristling with unspoken resolve. Excellent support from Renner, Mad Men’s Jon Hamm and the late Pete Postlethwaite makes this a punchy, stylish thriller.

This text originally appeared in Official Xbox Magazine

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