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The Fighter

Wahlberg-starring boxing drama praised to the clouds last year by critics who’ve apparently never seen Raging Bull. Not that it’s Wahlberg’s fault – his punchy hang-dog sadness is perfect for Micky Ward, the would-be champ beset by a fearsome mother, a pack of shrivelled peroxide sisters and, most dauntingly of all, by Christian Bale’s overacting as Micky’s failed boxing brother, Dicky.

Meanwhile in the blue corner is Amy Adams, who might as well be wearing a halo as Charlene, Micky’s girlfriend and the only clean person in the movie. Consequently the ensuing conflict between Micky’s wasp-swarm family and his gleaming better half fails to pack a punch or even a sandwich for when everyone gets a bit bored, which they will do when Bale’s wretched addict tics reach a blank-faced climax and we want to see more fighting already. Wahlberg’s earnest likability sees the movie through as a cheeralong punch-up, but it’s not the crafted struggle you might be expecting.

This text originally appeared in Official Xbox Magazine

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