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The Adjustment Bureau

Does it ever feel like the universe is conspiring to keep to apart from Emily Blunt? That’s because it is, along with your face, your lack of charisma, an ocean and a team of bodyguards. For Matt Damon’s dreamboat politician, though, it’s just the universe, in the shape of well-dressed men with hats who can stop time, reroute fate, and prove to be the world’s ultimate cock-blocking force.

If you were looking for a label for The Adjustment Bureau you might settle on ‘magical realism’. You might also be sick in your lap – but you’d be right. In the way of Sliding Doors or Groundhog Day it blends fantasy – curious timeline stewards hell-bent on protecting ‘the plan’ and keeping our pretty stars apart – with a standard here and now. Damon and Blunt’s continually manipulated pair – relaxed, bubbly, believable – help us buy into the otherwise hollow pinstripe-suited conspiracy and make what might have been gibberish into a pleasingly leftfield romance.

This text originally appeared in Official Xbox Magazine

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