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Sucker Punch

This probably isn’t what you’re expecting. Instead of zombies or genocidal Spartans, the new film from Dawn Of The Dead and 300 director Zack Synder features a superteam of mental patients plotting escape from a psychiatric ward which, thanks to the movie’s overpowering videogame-fetish styling, also doubles as a glitzy bordello. Confusing! Sexually uncomfortable! Yes it is.

The movie is packed with trash – dozens of costume changes, an unnecessary musical number, enough make-up to paint the moon pink – but is still essentially empty, the weak real/fantasy world conceit made all the more confusing by the addition of super-unreal action sequences in which our quivering, big-eyed heroines become machinegun-toting, physics-defying ass-kickers. ‘Empowering!’ Synder has claimed, but the collapse into queasy rape threats and incoherence stop it being anything of the sort. Had it been simpler and stupider – restricted to these mad violent fantasies – it might have worked. With the squalid and unnecessary dramatic nonsense attached, it’s a uneasy mess.

This text originally appeared in Official Xbox Magazine

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