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Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

A Converse-shuffling love story from the director of Shaun Of The Dead, fusing indie rock and videogame mega-reality with coin-bursting fight scenes and a dash of authentic, sparkling romance. Lady-voiced Michael Cera is perfect as timid hipster Scott, who falls manically in love with amazing new girl Ramona(as will you)  Flowers and somehow tricks her into liking him back.

And then it gets weird, mostly in a good way. Ramona reveals that seven of her exes have formed an evil league which Scott must defeat, one-by-one. Like, fight to the death defeat. The fights form the spine of the movie – proper, choreographed, ‘Oh, weird, Michael Cera is kind of doing kung-fu’ fights – and all the space in between is filled with sharp jokes, good-looking people with cool hair and Cera being loveably awkward. It does dip – the number of fights mean repetition is inevitable – but it has more than enough momentum to carry it over the line.

This text originally appeared in Official Xbox Magazine

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