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Arnie-in-the-jungle follow-up which wisely ignores the city set Predator 2 and opts for an escalation sequel along the same lines as Alien to Aliens (thus the simple, pluralized title). The upshot of which is a remarkably muscled Adrien Brody and a united nations of strapped ass-kickers dropping into an unidentified woodland and finding themselves prey by a pack of invisible alien hunters.

The film’s biggest strength is its directness. Stereotyped characters (The yakuza! The freedom fighter! The red neck!) cut out the exposition middle-man and clear a path to near-instant shoot-and-stabbing, while the canny scripters still leave room for some mythos expansion to boost the geek appeal. There are a few bumps on the road – mostly in the rotund form of Laurence Fishburne, who’s looking mightily well fed for a scavenging survivor – but with a string of class set-pieces and a determination to blow stuff up, this is a winner.

This text originally appeared in Official Xbox Magazine

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