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Ninja Assassin

According to this modern day martial arts saga, everything ‘80s Hollywood taught us about ninjas is true – they are real, and they do kill people from the shadows with shiny bits of metal. In this instance because one particularly stabby ninja clan has started nabbing orphan kids and training them to be elite killers-for-hire, a plan which unravels when one of their mini-hitmen (now all grown up in the shape of Korean pop hunk Rain) goes off reservation and threatens to expose the whole setup. The constant stream of intricate brawls and chase sequences that follow are the film’s brainless highlight – slick and proficient, if marred by CG gore effects (we like our blood-letting organic). The stammering script and Rain’s plastic relationship with Naomie Harris’ Interpol agent provide the lumpy filler, and ensure the film is never more than throwaway fun.

This text originally appeared in Official Xbox Magazine

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