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Jackass 3D

The Jackass boys are back, belting themselves across the chops in lurid slow motion and damaging their bodies for fame in another series of ingeniously idiotic stunts. Ten years on the from the show’s MTV debut, head masochist Knoxville is joined by the full crew for what feels like a final lap of self-harming honour. If the first movie was a triumphant confirmation of Jackass’ success, and the second a point-proving piece of daredevilry, then this feels even more self-aware and jaded, with the stars occasionally cracking under the strain of trumping their earlier exploits while pushing 40.

Not that it isn’t funny. Moments of outright brutality (Bam Margera taken down by a giant spring-loaded hand) combine with extravagant set-pieces (random objects fired at victims using the engine stream of a grounded jet plane) for more than a few big laughs. But there is an over-reliance on bodily fluids that borders on scat-fetish (if you’ve seen one poo volcano…) and in the end the most interesting moments are when the skit breaks and we get a sense of the nerve-testing strain these performers go through.

This text originally appeared in Official Xbox Magazine

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