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Iron Man 2

After the wry, winning original, this is a loud, hollow tin can of a sequel. The problem is essentially the same suffered by Spider-Man 3, minus Tobey Maguire’s fringe: an attempt to do too much in too small a space. Iron Man 2 crams in Tony Stark’s breakdown, the emergence of War Machine and groundwork cameos for the upcoming Avengers movie alongside the main ‘Iron Man versus a villain’ business, and the result is messy.

Not helping is the fact the plot involves everyone in the world making their own version of Iron Man, including Mickey Rourke’s aforementioned Russian nasty, plus James Rhodes, Stark rival Justin Hammer and, weirdly, Iron Man himself. It’s like an arc reactor special edition of Scrapheap Challenge, climaxing in a scene which looks a lot like when you tediously threw all your action figures into the air at once and went to eat a sandwich before they landed.

This text originally appeared in Official Xbox Magazine

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