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Stylish Euro assassination thriller which starts with beardy Eric Bana bringing up his daughter in the woods like some kind of deadly weasel-lady, before setting her loose on the CIA (and Blanchett’s cold, mega-fringed operative in particular) to settle a decades-old score.

The result is a little like a Blue Peter Bourne Identity, with Ronan and her terrifying eyes negotiating the outside world with charming naivety but at the same time slicing up dozens of pursuers without blinking. That may seem a grim setup, but the tone is more adolescent than you’d expect, and there’s a softness to Ronan’s on-the-road friendship with a bickering English family in particular that stops the film being as lonely and determinedly arm-breaky as Matt Damon’s thriller. These sequences don’t fit perfectly with the often unflinching action, though, and the film is an uneven, though interesting watch as a result.

This text originally appeared in Official Xbox Magazine

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