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Fast Five

The latest instalment of the street racing series so fixated on speed it’s streamlined its title to a single word and number: Fast Five. Maybe Fahfah, if you’re really in a hurry or have been to the dentist.

By this point the formula is so established and the stars – both mechanical and human – so heavily muscled that it’s taken on the exaggerated sheen of sports entertainment. That’s particularly appropriate given the appearance of Dwayne Johnson as furious, marble-eyed federal agent, who in keeping with the theme turns from heel to face as the real bad guys – loads and loads of Brazilians in tracksuits – are mean to Vin Diesel.

With originality out of the question the film can only be judged on the strength of its stunt sequences and the performance of its guest lunk, and both are as good as anything in the preceding four movies. Nobody – not even Diesel – scowls like the Rock, and he helps keep the series ticking over for at least one more sequel.

This text originally appeared in Official Xbox Magazine

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