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Cowboys And Aliens

“Sci-fi and Westerns? Wow! That’s the powerful combination that brought us Will Smith’s Wild Wild West!” was clearly the thought of nobody whatsoever who had anything to do with greenlighting this similarly drab and dysfunctional period genre mashup.

Daniel Craig is a lethal gunslinge who wakes up with no memory but – handily – with an alien cannon glued to his wrist that’s capable of blowing a hole in the moon. So when a wave of body-snatching ETs arrive in town he stops bickering with Harrison Ford’s snarly would-be villain (the most fun Ford’s been in ages) and decides to shoot them all instead. The problem is that watching him do it isn’t that much fun, despite the fact that he’s suitably grumpy and his amnesia-related backstory works pretty well, because the aliens themselves are too distance – mostly airbourne and, when they are on the ground, giant and a bit rubbish.

This text originally appeared in Official Xbox Magazine

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