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But then again, who does? (Maybe Barton Fink)

December 5, 2011

Last week I saw a short film called ‘Address Is Approximate’. I made everyone in the office watch it, partly because I’m a monster, and partly because it’s carefully shot and wonderfully imaginative.


Having used Street View for a series of features on film locations I consider google’s virtual map to be inherently cinematic. But I also like the short film’s tragic reach for experience, I guess the classic Pinocchio desire to be real. I was struck by the sadness of the film’s end – for all the ingenious visual trickery the robot hasn’t left the office, the same house-lights-rising jolt experienced with all cinema-going.

It put me in mind of two particular things – another image of the ocean, this one hanging on the wall of Barton Fink’s study as he grapples towards his own reconciliation of reality and cinema (“Are you in pictures?” he asks the girl from his picture when they finally meet), and James Edward Olmos’ haunting line from Blade Runner (“It’s too bad she won’t live… But then again, who does?”) which collapses the distinction between robot and human experience altogether.

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  1. Dicky permalink
    December 5, 2011 2:17 am

    “More Human than Human” is our motto.

    Looking forward to watching the short!

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